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In the end, Busyman helped us find an investor, and a partner who moves forward the whole FUTURENTO with us. Busyman has our deepest gratitude. Their approach is very professional and once can see the many years of experience they have when it comes to connecting startups and investors, but also with the preparation of startups for investor entry.

Jan Daneš, founder


Due to the nature of our business, we needed a relatively large amount of capital. But we also wanted to team up with someone who has more experience in the business world and from whom we could learn. Busyman convinced us how important it is to have a business plan and provided us with invaluable feedback on our project.

Matěj Murín

Erebos - A purely herbal energy drink, made by leaching herbs and spices

Filip from Busyman and I have not only been friends for many years, but overall the partnership made sense to me. We felt that it would be a win-win for both parties. The cooperation was and is very serious, it is the driving force for the company to grow faster and for our team to not have unnecessary stress. The idea that I want to have everything thoroughly prepared before we contact the investor also "caught up with me". With the team at Busyman, I can discuss things that I can't talk about out loud in front of my employees, so our meetings help me sort out thoughts and grow together.

Jan Pavlica

I like E-bike - Guided tours on e-bikes

We have already invested a lot of our own funds in the project and we needed another financing option and someone who would help us with that. Our other priority was being able to consult with someone on how to direct the project and what the next steps are for us. Busyman surprised us with a meaningful offer and reaction speed. All negotiations exceeded our expectations.

Stanislav Kocanda

Textbook exchange

To this day, I personally appreciate their proactive approach and the experience they are able to provide. Especially after we’ve had several investment rounds, either on our own or through other platforms, I really have to acknowledge how much they contribute to an inexperienced startup that needs help in the beginnings. Whether it’s assistance in negotiating conditions, making contracts (in our case consultations), or legal assistance.

Robert Kaločai

NANITS UNIVERSE - Global platform for digital comics

We have been pushing our bootstrap project for a long time. We managed to build a team, everything worked as it should. But as per usual in startups, eventually, time becomes the most important resource and speed becomes the main factor that separates failure from success. Money seemed like the driving force. But we wanted not only money, but also a strong partner who would move us forward and open new doors for us. Busyman helped us create the ideal image of the investor and partner, we improved our pitch together and we were ready to address the investor. The Busyman Day event also helped us a lot.

Ilya Ivanov

UGET - Smart solution of supplier relations in gastronomic establishments

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