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Are you starting your business and want to be sure that you are moving in the right direction? You don't want to be alone in problem solving and decision making?

We have compiled an intensive and systematic mentoring program for you, guided by angel investors recruited directly from active members of the Busyman Club. The program focuses mainly on feedback from professionals, which is valuable for project founders and functioning companies. Based on specific needs, it is then possible to focus on raising capital, not only in the seed phase of a project. For established companies, for example, restructuring or strategic partner entry can be financed.

Our unique mentoring programs

Our mentors

  • Filip MAJOR

    founder of, creative, salesman and investor

    Filip will help you from setting the meaningfulness of the business model, to establishing logic of web platforms, to the strategy of negotiating with investors ...
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    ... about the potential entry into your project. Of course, he is helping with a good grasp of the preparation of materials and presentations so that your arguments are completely bulletproof and the chances of being addressed by a suitable investor is maximized. He is also close to financial technology, trade, the textile and automotive industries, digitization in gastronomy, but also his hobbies - art and design.
  • Jaroslav WEIS

    businessman, investor and mentor

    He has a background in several FMCG companies, from the KAM to the sales director in a billion-dollar international company.a
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    He has more than 15 years of experience in building and leading teams in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, setting business and distribution strategies, product mix and customer management.
  • Pavel NÝČ

    Businessman, investor, mentor

    He can offer experience in building a company from 1 employee to an established team. He specializes in business processes and managerial abilities.
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    He founded and successfully sold Nakladatelství Fragment, a network of Booknet bookstores (today He worked as the director of Neoluxor.
  • Vít ENDLER

    ex generální ředitel a

    He can offer significant experience in e-commerce, but also with building a company abroad from 0 to 150 employees and 1 billion turnover.
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    Experience in managing a colossus with more than 1,000 employees and 8 billion turnover in 6 European countries, as well as, of course, building a technology startup.
  • Matúš KARAFFA

    co-founder, manager, ex-CEO (CZ, SK, PL)

    Matúš can offer you significant experience in e-commerce, team building, infrastructure ...
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    ... and startup management with a turnover of € 25 million. In 2010, he co-founded the e-shop, from which he built the largest player in his category in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. After 5 years, he successfully exited the company to the German strategic partner But he knows that business is mainly about people, emotions, sympathy, decisions and the executive. As part of mentoring, they will advise you on the creation of a business plan, its implementation and try to pass on their experience with several investors in their own projects, as well as their experience as an investor.
  • Jan DRYÁK

    focused on PR, marketing communication, content marketing

    He is currently a co-owner of a marketing agency that provides clients with marketing consulting.
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    He previously founded Daewoo Leasing Czech Republic, worked for 7 years at ČSOB Leasing as a PR and marketing manager, for 6 years in Cebia, where he was responsible for expanding the media communication of car bottling. It focuses on business development using PR and marketing tools, it can also help create a marketing campaign and global marketing strategy.

    expert in e-commerce, digital marketing, websites, online campai

    He is a co-founder and co-owner of a marketing agency.
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    For many years he worked on automotive projects such as Autotým or HoppyGo, in Cebia he prepared a mobile application for motorists. Apart from automotive, it focuses mainly on innovations in the field of e-commerce. He has experience with building startup projects. Also help with social networking, analytics and business intelligence. He loves cars and whiskey.
  • Anton TITOV

    Business Innovations, Product Management and Growth Hacking

    He helps companies move from idea to business, from small companies to large ones.
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    Expert in Digital Performance and Digital Presence. Lean Stack certified by Ash Maurya. He leads innovation teams for C / B-1 level executives in TOP companies in the Czech Republic. Based on the expertise of more than 60 innovation projects, we will be happy to share their experience with you and help you with: Innovation Mindset Innovation, Strategy Business Opportunities & Solution Discovery, Markets and Solution Qualification & Prototyping, Minimal Viable Product (MVP), Development & Go-to-Market Strategy, Business Scaling & Growth Hacking in Digital.
  • Zdeněk TOMÍČEK

    Founder of CEE Attorneys, lawyer and entrepreneur

    Po zkušenostech z práce v advokacii a mezinárodním businessu v Praze a Londýně založil mezinárodní advokátní kancelář...
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    ... which today has more than 100 lawyers in eight countries in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, he also founded a successful consigliere agency for professional footballers. Zdeněk will help with the strategy of international expansion, innovations in services and legal settings.


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