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Busyman.cz was founded in 2010 by Filip Major, while studying at university. At that time, it was necessary to create a "place" where there would be a clear and safe interaction between beginning entrepreneurs / startups and so-called angel investors who are looking for unique products and services that would support their creation, marketing or growth.

The original idea, where start-up entrepreneurs are looking not only for money, but especially for an experienced partner who will help them move forward much faster, remains today., but it is gradually expanding with a range of other services and options that help entrepreneurs with the whole STARTUP LIFE CYCLE. From preparation for the business itself, reviewing the operation of the company, mentoring, obtaining the most suitable partners, investors, distribution channels, to potential buyers (exit) in the form of large institutions that are linked with Busyman.cz.

Even after 10 years on the market, we do not want our personal approach and the heart that we try to put into everything we do, to disappear. In the face of modern times, however, we also have a significant rebirth towards the digitization and automation of procedures on which the current Busyman stands. We plan to streamline our activities many times over and thus enable a much larger number of startups and investors to effectively use our services and achieve an even higher number of new successful companies that we have helped bring into the world. That's Busyman 2.0

Filip Major, founder

We develop startups,
we connect them with smart money
from angel investors and strategic partners

  • Founder & Partner
    What is money for? For me, a successful person is the one who gets up in the morning, goes to bed in the evening and in the meantime does what he wants.

    My "inner voice" has always longed for a combination of creativity and business, from the technological-creative environment where I worked on projects for the world's leading carmakers (VW, Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, AC Cars and more ...), I got to the role of idea maker and the creation of Busyman.cz, which fills me every day and where I have the opportunity to use everything I've ever learned and connect with straightforward business. Today, I focus on the overall direction of the project, the care of the Busyman Club, the preparation of the technological shift of our platform, and what I still enjoy is working with the team to come up with new things to improve our services and enjoy the end of the day. success of our clients.

  • Partner
    Once your whole life is reflected in your head, then there is something to look at!

    I always try to achieve success with humility and determination. I enjoy financial management and the development of new things, I have been in the world of business and investing for more than 10 years. After a successful exit from a partly family project, I was faced with a very fundamental question - where to go next. The opportunity to become a partner of Busyman together with Michal was very groundbreaking, as completely new opportunities opened up for us. Thanks to Busyman.cz, I can use my experience and devote energy where it makes sense.

  • Executive Director
    What we do in life, echoes in eternity.

    I've always wanted to do things a little bit in my life, but never alone. Freedom and self-realization are very important to me. Within Busyman, I am in charge of communication and project preparation for investors, internal coordination and representing the company at conferences. So if you are considering trying to reach investors with your project, you will most likely deal with me. I worked in the field of engineering, but also in finance, while I combine experience from both of these fields and apply it in the field of startups.

  • Strategic Advisor
    Don't regret anything you did. Only regret what you didn't do when you had the chance.

    I am a sports manager with my original education and profile. I have worked in the sales departments and management of international companies for over 15 years. This gave me an irreplaceable school of big business, which I have been trying to transfer to the startup environment in the last 3 years. I am a genuine pragmatist who seeks opportunities even where others have given up. I enjoy discovering potential, finding synergies and ways to connect people and companies. From sports I carry the goal, discipline and fighting spirit. From big business, on the other hand, by professional deformation, I see numbers behind everything. It is not for nothing that my colleagues called me a "walking calculator". The business does not end with the issuance of an invoice, but with the moment when the money will come to your account. Just like in sports, there is no goal when the ball is in the goal, but only when the referee whistles!

  • Advisor
    A good idea is not enough, proper implementation is important.

    Although I am a trained technician, I have worked all my life in business and my technical education and curiosity help me to understand things better in all aspects. In both my professional and private life, I apply common sense, which I prefer to mere form, which has always paid off for me. When cooperating with the busyman.cz platform, I enjoy the most people who bring technological innovations and sometimes revolutionary inventions. There is a very long way to go from a brilliant idea to a successful business. At busyman.cz, we help you reach your destination successfully.

since 2010

1300+ investors

350+ mio CZK funded

140+ funded projects


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